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The Film S T A L K E R (2011)

In the Amateur short film "S T A L K E R," directed by Galina Burlutskiy the viewer will come face to face with the harsh faces of the main characters, Vladimir Epifantsev and Denis Semenihin (in the story, the nickname "Shooter"). The actions of armed disassembly take place on the territory of the well-known "Zone", which appeared as a result of the nuclear disaster in 1986 at the Chernobyl. According to the tradition of the genre, in the "zone" constantly deployed paramilitary groups, goals and tasks which often overlap.

At the beginning of the film, the voice-over explains the reason for the special interest of the "Stalkers" groups, it is the second radiation release and the emergence of a new anomaly and a new "Zone", which was formed as a result of a secret experiment. As a result, illegally based groups decide to start a confrontation between the military protection of the "Zone" to penetrate into the laboratory and to withdraw important documents that can lead to the heart of the "Zone"- a mysterious "Monolithic", the executor of desires...

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